jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

 Hello everybody, today I going to talk about my favourite sport. My favourite sport is the skateboarding, the skateboarding is a extreme sport. I practice since five years. I like practice skate because is sport very funny and  to produce adrenalina. the skateboardin is sport very difficult at first but leter is more easy with practicce. The skateboarnding is a expensive because the skatebor broken for use.  My first skate was a gift of my dad for my birthday. I have ten skate in my life  because i broke  every four months.
For practice skateboarding I know so much friends and very places in this five years. My best friend started  to practice skateboarding  with me, together practice this sport every weekeds. I practice skate in the different places, My favourite place for practice skate is the skate park "Parque los Reyes", I like this place because is the beautiful for three and is very big place. actually my skate is broken :( I  haven't money to repair.

Well thank's for read my post bye, bye.

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Jack Nicholson

          Hello everybody, the   black and white  photograph is Jack Nicholson. I like
 this photograph because he is my favorite actor. Also, I like the look and character of this actor. The photographer Lorenzo Agius took the photograph. The glasses Ray-ban and cigarette show that he has great confidence in himself. this photograph was took in 2009. the favorite movie this actor is "The Departed" is the film  very  good. Jack Nicholson is actor that have a brilliant career and  to receive a lots prize.  I like every film the Jack Nicholson because is a great actor. This photograph   
 it looks. it really a good photograph the jack. 

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

My cell phone

Hello friends, today I going to talk about my favorite piece of technology that is a cell phone. I like cell phone because is little and light. The colour of my cell phone is black with red. My cell phone to reproduce MP3 and video, also to work for  surf of internet, I can open the Facebook and to read newspaper. I have 200 songs to save in my cell phone,also to write message .I use every day about call and listen music. to save archive of the carreer  in my cell phobe.
My cell phone is LG, was a gift of my birthday. I go it, from one year ago. I like the design and size.
without my cell phone I can't wake up  in the morning. 
good bye.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

my favorite band!

my  favorite band is Audioslave is new band integrated for Chris Cornell(singer),Tom Morello(guitarist), Tim Commerford(drummer) and Brad Wilk(bassist). 

the first songs listening of Audioslave is "Be yourself" 

 I like the rock music in especial its band, his songs are great because I feel relax when I hear.

Audioslave is band of rock music, I like audioslve because his songs  to have good sound and its member are excellent musician. 
 my favotite song of audioslave is  "show me how to live" be cause I like the sound of the guitar.