jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

 Hello everybody, today I going to talk about my favourite sport. My favourite sport is the skateboarding, the skateboarding is a extreme sport. I practice since five years. I like practice skate because is sport very funny and  to produce adrenalina. the skateboardin is sport very difficult at first but leter is more easy with practicce. The skateboarnding is a expensive because the skatebor broken for use.  My first skate was a gift of my dad for my birthday. I have ten skate in my life  because i broke  every four months.
For practice skateboarding I know so much friends and very places in this five years. My best friend started  to practice skateboarding  with me, together practice this sport every weekeds. I practice skate in the different places, My favourite place for practice skate is the skate park "Parque los Reyes", I like this place because is the beautiful for three and is very big place. actually my skate is broken :( I  haven't money to repair.

Well thank's for read my post bye, bye.